The One Where Father Meets Daughter The Sassenach Files: An Outlander Podcast

Welcome back Obsassenachs! This week I’m discussing one of the Outlander Fandom’s all-time favorites, 409: “The Birds and The Bees”. This episode is jam packed with all the elements Obsassenachs have come to love: drama, sorrow, joy, and laughter. Join me as I discuss Sophie Skelton’s stellar portrayal of a young woman recovering from the trauma of sexual assault, Jamie and Bree’s burgeoning relationship and the tightrope they’re walking over the touchy subject of Frank Randall, and how a little communication could have gone a long way in saving Roger from his horrible fate. All this and much more is coming your way on another episode of The Sassenach Files!
  1. The One Where Father Meets Daughter
  2. The One With The Handfasting
  3. The One With Different Points of View
  4. The One With The Ninth Earl of Ellesmere
  5. The One With The Return of Murtagh