Greetings wonderful listeners! This week I was joined by my friend Angela Hickey of Outlandercast Clan Book Club and Queen Bee’s Hive (Patreon) to break down every facet of Jamie Fraser’s very nuanced character. Because his story is broad in scope and crucial to the overall shape of Outlander, it was impossible for us to cover everything in one episode. So in Part One of our King of Men duo, we discussed his backstory including the influence his family had on him growing up, his faith as a Celtic Christian, and the events of Wentworth Prison and how that created a ripple effect throughout the rest of the series. Make sure to check back for more details on Part Two coming soon!
  1. King of Men: Part I
  2. Season Five Superlatives
  3. Kill Them All
  4. You Have Made My Life Whole
  5. Two Sides to Every Story
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