Season Seven Trailer Breakdown (SPOILERS AHEAD) The Sassenach Files: An Outlander Podcast

This week on The Sassenach Files podcast, I’m diving deep into the newly released season seven Official Trailer. Join me as I chat about the color palette, the music, and of course the content. Show watchers be warned THIS IS A SPOILER ZONE. I air my thoughts on what we are seeing in the trailer based on what I have read in the books, so there are A LOT of spoilers. I was so happy to see our favorite characters back in action and with many of my favorite books scenes hinted at as well. Make sure to listen in for my take on some of the creative choices also made when putting this trailer together including the book end dialogue, Caitriona Balfe’s rendition of Ave Maria and much more!
  1. Season Seven Trailer Breakdown (SPOILERS AHEAD)
  2. The Battle of Culloden
  3. Scottish Clans and Tartans
  4. Scotland by Land, Air, and Sea
  5. Scottish Tradition
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