Happy Thanksgiving Obsassenachs! This week on The Sassenach Files I chatted about the extended version of 109: The Reckoning. Join me as I discuss all of the scenes that were cut or pared down for time. A lot of groundwork was laid in this episode for the remaining storylines of the season, and I break down how the choices made in the editing room impact our understanding of the plot and character arcs moving forward. I also touch on some of the key moments in the episode for Jamie’s development and the growth of Jamie and Claire’s marriage that both myself and the showrunners consider “tent pole” moments.
  1. The Reckoning Redux
  2. Season One — What Did We Miss?
  3. Bring on Season Seven
  4. Droughtlander Book Club: The Sapphire Brooch — Part 2
  5. Droughtlander Book Club: The Sapphire Brooch–Part 1
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