Season Seven Teaser Trailer The Sassenach Files: An Outlander Podcast

Hey Obsassenachs! On this edition of The Sassenach Files, I’m releasing a previously recorded LIVE episode from December 23, 2022 regarding the Season Seven Teaser Trailer. If you didn’t catch the live chat on TSF Obsassenachs, head on over and check out this special podcast where I break down some of the key moments I caught in the teaser trailer and what that says about the upcoming season. I also chat about the overall aesthetic of the trailer in comparison to the season six color palette and themes, and gave my best guesses on answers to some of your burning questions regarding upcoming seasons of Outlander. Stay tuned for the announcement section at the end, as I have some interesting tidbits to share!
  1. Season Seven Teaser Trailer
  2. Through The Stones
  3. Droughtlander Book Club: The Emerald Brooch — Part II
  4. Droughtlander Book Club: The Emerald Brooch — Part I
  5. The Reckoning Redux
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