Droughtlander Survival Guide: 5 Period Drama Shows

On any normal break, Droughtlander seems to take forever, but with the big bad Corona Virus looming over us, the break between seasons 5 and 6 is looking to be our longest yet. Sam Heughan mentioned in a recent podcast interview with the LA Times that they have a projected start date sometime at the end of August or beginning of September for season 6 filming, and in my estimation, this doesn’t seem too far off the mark.

An American show filming in Scotland isn’t without its challenges, but with Scotland recently entering Phase 3 of their reopening plans, spectator sports and outdoor events are beginning to resume, which may signal a return of the filming industry sometime in the relatively near future. Even if season 6 begins filming in September we are looking at longer film times due to the logistics of sanitation and social distancing. Given that it normally takes 9 months to film a season, I am including 10 months in this season’s filming timeline to allow for COVID-19 adjustments. That being said, 3 months in post production allows for an October 2021 release date for the season 6 premier at the earliest.

Well, that’s over a year from now, so check out the list below for 5 period drama television shows you can sink your teeth into until then!


Poldark is a PBS Masterpiece production based on the popular series of books of the same name by Winston Graham. The series picks up with Captain Ross Poldark (Aiden Turner) as he arrives home from serving with the British Army in the American War, and follows his story as he stitches the pieces of his tattered life back together, and forges a new path for himself. Full of family quarrels, political intrigue, love stories, and tragic loss, this series is enough to keep anyone entertained! You can find all five seasons on Amazon Prime.

The Tudors

Set in 16th century Tudor England, The Tudors follows the life and reign of King Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), his six wives, and all the key players of the Tudor court–friends and enemies alike. Drama, scandal, romance, and betrayal are all enough to keep anyone clicking the “Next Episode” button!

Some faces you may recognize from the movie and television industry include Henry Cavill, Sam Neill, Natalie Dormer, and Outlander cast member Maria Doyle Kennedy (Jocasta Innes). The Tudors originally aired on Showtime in 2007, and all 4 seasons are now available in the US on Netflix.

The White Queen

Lady Elizabeth Grey (Rebecca Ferguson)  is in dire straights when she meets the newly crowned Edward the IV of England (Max Irons) on the side of the road one day, but her fortunes rapidly improve when she becomes Queen Elizabeth, much to the dismay of her MANY enemies in the royal court.

Adapted to the screen from Phillipa Gregory’s novels The White Queen, The Red Queen, and The Kingmaker’s Daughter, the series takes place during one of the most tumultuous times in England’s history: The War of the Roses. The limited series has also spawned two spin-off series, The White Princess and The Spanish Princess–also adapted from novels by Philippa Gregory. You can watch all three series on Starz App.


In 15th century Florence, there is a struggle for power. The Medici family have made their way from middle class merchants to the top of the heap. They are wealthy bankers with a lot of influence and a lot of enemies. The Medicis were big movers and shakers responsible for creating the Duomo in Florence, putting multiple popes in The Vatican, and serving as patrons to some of the world’s most famous artists including Da Vinci, Botacelli, and Michelangelo.

This series follows the rise of Cosimo de’Medici (Richard Madden) and Lorenzo de’Medici (Daniel Sharman), and their struggle to keep the Medici Family on top. A Netflix Original, all three seasons can be found on Netflix.


Queen Victoria is perhaps one of the most famous monarchs in British History. Famous for taking the throne at just 18 years of age, Victoria covers her ascent to power and the early years of her reign including her marriage to Albert of Saxe-Coburg, and Gotha (Tom Hughes), and all the intermarital drama that transpire between the two. It also covers the lives of the servants of Buckingham Palace, and the political climate in London in the early to mid 19th century. Keep your eye out for another Outlander alum Nell Hudson (Laoghaire MacKenzie).

The show is on “hiatus” at the moment, and it is unclear whether it will return. Originally a PBS Masterpiece show, you can now watch all three seasons on Amazon Prime.

Check back later for more entries in my Droughtlander Survival Guide series throughout the break. Until then, happy bingeing!!!


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